Minimum overhead, minimum training

ValuePlan is a client/server application based on Microsoft SQL server. ValuePlan can easily run on other SQL databases such as Oracle and MySql. The ValuePlan database is simple, transparent and open. This means that minimal specific training is needed to support the system.

ValuePlan security fits into existing database security settings while detailed dimension-based permissions are managed at the application level.

Tight integration with existing BI/CPM structure

ValuePlan fits right into the existing BI structure so there is no need to replace the current setup. This way we provide you with the planning/budgeting functionalities you need while minimizing implementation time and cost. If you have no BI, ValuePlan provides you with all the necessary cubes and reports.

Integration with external data sources

The ValuePlan datamart collects and combines data from different data sources as needed, flat files, spreadsheets, ERP / HR / CRM and other Data warehouses to build historical reference data to support the planning and budgeting work.

Open integrated structure

The ValuePlan calculation module allows you to build calculation rules to quickly update the budget based on changes related to internal or external factors. This way ValuePlan supports driver based planning and scenario planning to speed up and improve your budgeting processes.

The open and simple database structure allows the administrator to link together different budget models, build update queries and manage dimensions and measure behaviour directly at the database level.