ValuePlan is a powerful solution aimed at supporting your planning and budgeting needs in all functions and at all levels in the organization. ValuePlan has been the leading planning and budgeting solution in the Icelandic market since 2003, used by large and medium sized businesses in all industries. The ValuePlan solution is built to handle multidimensional, multi-level planning and budgeting, up to millions of rows of data, through a simple easy to use interface. ValuePlan integrates with your ERP/CRM/HRM and delivers budget data to any reporting platform. With ValuePlan you can plan and budget at any level from any angle, easily compare with historical data, manage your workflow and user permissions through a simple interface, copy or import data from existing spreadsheets and consolidate budgets for different business units.

Key features:

  • True multidimensional planning – no limit to number of dimensions or dimension groups.

  • Multi-level planning: Application distributes figures to lower levels based on equal or relative distribution.

  • Multiple interactive measures.

  • Full integration with backend applications.

  • Full integration with BI/CPM/Scorecard applications.

  • Multiple user support.

  • Multi company support with full consolidation.

  • Full logging of all data entries and activities.

  • Powerful admin functionality: User access, workflow management, data and dimension management.

  • Full support for rolling forecasts.

  • Full workflow support. Workflow defined by user/group, role and phase.

  • Dynamic user-defined calculation rules module to support driver-based planning.

  • Full currency support, both one and multiple base currencies.

  • Full language and region support.

  • Flexible graphical data presentation with interactive charts.

  • Integrated Excel component.

The fast and efficient way to build your budgeting and planning environment with the minimum external and internal investment

ValuePlan is fully multidimensional, multi-measure, multi-level and allows you to build models that fit with any structure.

ValuePlan is designed to provide true support for planning and budgeting at the line management, department and country level, down to any level of detail necessary.

The ValuePlan user interface is very simple and practical, requiring almost no training.

ValuePlan links all your budget models into a unified structure minimizing overhead and cutting project lead time.

ValuePlan contains a powerful interface to manage user permissions, track and manage workflow and link different budgeting modules …