ValuePlan is by far the most widely used planning and budgeting solution in Iceland, used by dozens of companies. Our clients include many of the largest and best-known businesses in Iceland. We work with two of the three main retail chains, the largest chain of gas stations, Iceland’s biggest companies in seafood and airfreight and most of the largest FMCG wholesalers in the country.

A few of our Clients:


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Innnes is one of Iceland’s largest FMCG wholesale companies with over 140 employees and 30.000 SKU’s. As with many Icelandic companies their operations are quite complex relative to their size.

Innnes has used ValuePlan as their corporate budgeting and planning solution since 2009. Before the implementation of ValuePlan, the planning process involved creating, maintaining and copying between dozens of individual spreadsheets.

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Icelandair Cargo is Iceland’s leading airfreight company transporting goods between over 40 airports worldwide, with a turnover of USD 85 million in 2013. They are operating their own fleet of Boeing B757 freighters. 

ValuePlan has allowed Icelandair Cargo to work with a truly driver-based, multi-dimensional rolling forecast that is easily updated as key assumptions change. ValuePlan was chosen after an extensive review of available solutions due to its simplicity and flexibility and its ability to cut the planning time from weeks to days, allowing the company to really turn the budgeting process into a powerful management tool.

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N1 provides both individual and organizational services to the motor sector with solutions such as maintenance as well as  operational and fuel services. N1 has 115 convenient and strategically placed service stations throughout the entire country, selling over 160 thousand SKUs. N1 has without exception the finest tire supply, fitting and maintenance services in Iceland.

N1 uses ValuePlan for sales and inventory planning by service station and product group/SKU and for expense planning by department and line item.


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Ölgerðin is Iceland’s largest producer of soft drinks and beer, biggest supplier of wine and spirits and the biggest supplier of fast moving consumer goods to the retail sector.

Ölgerðin has used ValuePlan for their sales and financial planning since 2003.


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HB Grandi is one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland and a leader in its field. The company’s experience and knowledge are expressed in its careful utilization of natural resources.

HB Grandi markets its products worldwide – products made from both groundfish and pelagic fish caught and processed by the company’s 900 employees.

HB Grandi use ValuePlan for all their budgeting and planning needs through several interlinked budgeting modules and a sophisticated calculation engine.


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Festi runs three retail chains, one electronics chain and one sports chain. They are the second largest retail company in Iceland.

Festi have successfully used ValuePlan to manage their complex planning and budgeting environment since 2005.